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Finding birds in your state park.

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Checklist of Birds

151 species recorded in this park (Updated: 6/5/2023)

           Great Crested Flycatcher            Barn Swallow
           Snow Goose            Cliff Swallow
           Eastern Kingbird            Ruby-crowned Kinglet
           Greater White-fronted Goose            Golden-crowned Kinglet
           Scissor-tailed Flycatcher            Cedar Waxwing
           Olive-sided Flycatcher            Red-breasted Nuthatch
           Canada Goose            White-breasted Nuthatch
           Eastern Wood-Pewee            Brown Creeper
           Acadian Flycatcher            Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
           Wood Duck            Bewick's Wren
           Willow Flycatcher            Carolina Wren
           Blue-winged Teal            House Wren
           Least Flycatcher            Gray Catbird
           Eastern Phoebe            Brown Thrasher
           Northern Shoveler            Northern Mockingbird
           Mallard            European Starling
           Green-winged Teal            Eastern Bluebird
           Lesser Scaup            Veery
           Hooded Merganser            Gray-cheeked Thrush
           Wild Turkey            Swainson's Thrush
           Pied-billed Grebe            Hermit Thrush
           Rock Pigeon            Wood Thrush
           Mourning Dove            American Robin
           Yellow-billed Cuckoo            House Sparrow
           Common Nighthawk            Purple Finch
           Chuck-will's-widow            American Goldfinch
           Eastern Whip-poor-will            Grasshopper Sparrow
           Chimney Swift            Chipping Sparrow
           Ruby-throated Hummingbird            Fox Sparrow
           American Coot            Dark-eyed Junco
           Killdeer            White-crowned Sparrow
           American Woodcock            White-throated Sparrow
           Spotted Sandpiper            Song Sparrow
           Solitary Sandpiper            Swamp Sparrow
           Great Blue Heron            Eastern Towhee
           Great Egret            Yellow-breasted Chat
           Little Blue Heron            Eastern Meadowlark
           Green Heron            Orchard Oriole
           Yellow-crowned Night-Heron            Baltimore Oriole
           Black Vulture            Red-winged Blackbird
           Turkey Vulture            Brown-headed Cowbird
           Sharp-shinned Hawk            Common Grackle
           Cooper's Hawk            Ovenbird
           Bald Eagle            Worm-eating Warbler
           Mississippi Kite            Louisiana Waterthrush
           Red-shouldered Hawk            Golden-winged Warbler
           Broad-winged Hawk            Blue-winged Warbler
           Red-tailed Hawk            Black-and-white Warbler
           Rough-legged Hawk            Prothonotary Warbler
           Eastern Screech-Owl            Swainson's Warbler
           Great Horned Owl            Tennessee Warbler
           Barred Owl            Nashville Warbler
           Belted Kingfisher            Kentucky Warbler
           Red-headed Woodpecker            Common Yellowthroat
           Red-bellied Woodpecker            Hooded Warbler
           Yellow-bellied Sapsucker            American Redstart
           Downy Woodpecker            Cerulean Warbler
           Hairy Woodpecker            Northern Parula
           Northern Flicker            Magnolia Warbler
           Pileated Woodpecker            Bay-breasted Warbler
           American Kestrel            Yellow Warbler
           White-eyed Vireo            Chestnut-sided Warbler
           Yellow-throated Vireo            Palm Warbler
           Blue-headed Vireo            Pine Warbler
           Philadelphia Vireo            Yellow-rumped Warbler
           Warbling Vireo            Yellow-throated Warbler
           Red-eyed Vireo            Prairie Warbler
           Blue Jay            Black-throated Green Warbler
           American Crow            Summer Tanager
           Fish Crow            Scarlet Tanager
           Carolina Chickadee            Northern Cardinal
           Tufted Titmouse            Rose-breasted Grosbeak
           Bank Swallow            Blue Grosbeak
           Tree Swallow            Indigo Bunting
           Northern Rough-winged Swallow            Dickcissel
           Purple Martin

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