Iliniwek Village SHS

Finding birds in your state park.

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Checklist of Birds

110 species recorded in this park (Updated: 9/27/2020)

           Snow Goose            Barn Swallow
           Ross's Goose            Cliff Swallow
           Canada Goose            Black-capped Chickadee
           Trumpeter Swan            Tufted Titmouse
           Wood Duck            White-breasted Nuthatch
           Blue-winged Teal            House Wren
           Mallard            Carolina Wren
           Northern Bobwhite            Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
           Pied-billed Grebe            Ruby-crowned Kinglet
           Rock Pigeon            Eastern Bluebird
           Mourning Dove            American Robin
           Yellow-billed Cuckoo            Gray Catbird
           Black-billed Cuckoo            Brown Thrasher
           Common Nighthawk            Northern Mockingbird
           Ruby-throated Hummingbird            European Starling
           Sora            Cedar Waxwing
           American Coot            House Sparrow
           Killdeer            Eurasian Tree Sparrow
           Wilson's Snipe            House Finch
           Solitary Sandpiper            American Goldfinch
           Greater Yellowlegs            Grasshopper Sparrow
           American White Pelican            Lark Sparrow
           Great Blue Heron            Chipping Sparrow
           Great Egret            Field Sparrow
           Green Heron            Fox Sparrow
           Turkey Vulture            American Tree Sparrow
           Bald Eagle            Dark-eyed Junco
           Red-shouldered Hawk            White-crowned Sparrow
           Red-tailed Hawk            White-throated Sparrow
           Barred Owl            Vesper Sparrow
           Belted Kingfisher            Savannah Sparrow
           Red-headed Woodpecker            Song Sparrow
           Red-bellied Woodpecker            Lincoln's Sparrow
           Yellow-bellied Sapsucker            Swamp Sparrow
           Downy Woodpecker            Eastern Towhee
           Hairy Woodpecker            Yellow-breasted Chat
           Northern Flicker            Bobolink
           American Kestrel            Eastern Meadowlark
           Merlin            Orchard Oriole
           Great Crested Flycatcher            Baltimore Oriole
           Eastern Kingbird            Red-winged Blackbird
           Eastern Wood-Pewee            Brown-headed Cowbird
           Willow Flycatcher            Rusty Blackbird
           Least Flycatcher            Common Grackle
           Eastern Phoebe            Common Yellowthroat
           White-eyed Vireo            Yellow Warbler
           Bell's Vireo            Palm Warbler
           Warbling Vireo            Yellow-rumped Warbler
           Red-eyed Vireo            Wilson's Warbler
           Blue Jay            Summer Tanager
           American Crow            Northern Cardinal
           Horned Lark            Rose-breasted Grosbeak
           Bank Swallow            Blue Grosbeak
           Tree Swallow            Indigo Bunting
           Northern Rough-winged Swallow            Dickcissel

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