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Finding birds in your state park.

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Checklist of Birds

37 species recorded in this park (Updated: 6/5/2023)

           Great Crested Flycatcher            Downy Woodpecker
           Eastern Kingbird            Blue Jay
           Canada Goose            American Crow
           Eastern Phoebe            Northern Rough-winged Swallow
           Mallard            Purple Martin
           Rock Pigeon            Barn Swallow
           Eurasian Collared-Dove            Northern Mockingbird
           Mourning Dove            European Starling
           Common Nighthawk            Eastern Bluebird
           Chimney Swift            American Robin
           Killdeer            House Sparrow
           Ring-billed Gull            House Finch
           Great Blue Heron            Purple Finch
           Turkey Vulture            American Goldfinch
           Sharp-shinned Hawk            Chipping Sparrow
           Cooper's Hawk            Dark-eyed Junco
           Bald Eagle            Common Grackle
           Red-tailed Hawk            Northern Cardinal
           Red-bellied Woodpecker

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