Osage Village SHS

Finding birds in your state park.

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Checklist of Birds

41 species recorded in this park (Updated: 2/24/2020)

           Mourning Dove            Carolina Wren
           Yellow-billed Cuckoo            Eastern Bluebird
           Killdeer            American Robin
           Great Blue Heron            Northern Mockingbird
           Turkey Vulture            American Goldfinch
           Northern Harrier            Field Sparrow
           Red-shouldered Hawk            Dark-eyed Junco
           Red-tailed Hawk            White-crowned Sparrow
           Barred Owl            Harris's Sparrow
           Red-headed Woodpecker            Eastern Towhee
           Red-bellied Woodpecker            Yellow-headed Blackbird
           Northern Flicker            Eastern Meadowlark
           American Kestrel            Western Meadowlark
           Eastern Kingbird            Red-winged Blackbird
           Blue Jay            Brown-headed Cowbird
           American Crow            Common Grackle
           Fish Crow            Wilson's Warbler
           Purple Martin            Northern Cardinal
           Barn Swallow            Indigo Bunting
           Cliff Swallow            Dickcissel
           Tufted Titmouse

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